Microsoft acquires github

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To be honest: my first reaction was "Nooo~". But then I thought about it for a while and I now actually think it's a good thing. And an exciting thing too.

In recent years Microsoft has done a lot of things right. They completely revamped their image and with WSL in Windows 10 attract a growing number of web developers to their system, while Apple is neglecting their pro-users. Even I would consider a switch, if I wasn't so tied into the Apple ecosystem.

And even if they mess it up: there's still GitLab and BitBucket. Especially GitLab has become a great alternative to GitHub without any compromises. GitHub has been stagnating for quite a while, so I'm inclined to believe, that it's all for the better really. Even if Microsoft gives GitHub a momentum that's just a fraction of the one they have with VS Code it's an improvement for the user.

Speaking of VS Code: what's really interesting to me is the fact that Microsoft now also owns the Electron platform and the Atom Editor. And I'm really curious to see what happens with Atom. I kinda doubt they will maintain two very similar editors in the long run...

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