Morning Routine

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I have plenty of routines and rituals throughout the day. The morning routine is something that's probably the most talked about. Martin asked me quite a while ago about my daily routine.

It changed a bit since then, so here's an updated version of my morning routine. What's yours like?

  1. Get up
  2. Pick fresh clothes
  3. Prepare coffee. Since I'm usually still super groggy at this point, I follow this specific order:
    1. Refill water tank
    2. Clean the pot
    3. Change filter
    4. Grind beans
    5. Put the beans into the filter and start the machine
  4. Take a shower and do all that bathroom stuff
  5. Pour coffee for my girlfriend and wake her
  6. Pour myself some coffee
  7. At least 5 minutes of writing
  8. Do at least one task in Things
  9. Check Social Media and Feedreader
  10. Play a few rounds of Overwatch
  11. Drive to work

This might sound very extensive. I'm not sure. But I don't think about it all in the morning. It kinda just happened to become routine. Maybe I should just skip 9 and 10 and drive to work as soon as possible? Or do something more productive instead?

What's your Routine like? There's no comment section, so hit me up on twitter or email.

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