Hello there!

I'm a senior web developer specializing in frontend development, working as a freelance consultant.

photo by Alex Jeske

With more than 18 years of experience under my belt, I build or help to build scalable and maintainable frontends, from small personal websites to large and complex app interfaces.

I remember spacer.gifs, table layouts and framesets. Today, I prefer working with React, TypeScript, Web Components, Next.js, Node, Hono and lately Elixir.

But I also enjoy learning in general and have thus learned various languages, like Swift, Lua, Rust, Go, Zsh, good old C and a bunch of others. I believe in the web platform and enjoy working with just HTML, CSS and a pinch of JavaScript, just as much as a full-blown modern SPA.

Outside of work, I enjoy drawing, photography, a bit of music production, building small side projects and staying informed about new technologies while taking Ada, our poodle, for a walk.

Brands and Clients

Edeka AG, Closelink, Gruner+Jahr, Gala, Hermes, Brigitte, Weber, 27km, Eppendorf AG, Mercedes AG, Makery, Neovimconf, CrowsCrowsCrows, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and many more.

Availability and Contact

I’m mostly booked for 2024.

Do you only have a brief inquiry? E-Mail is the best way to reach me.


I once was very active on all major social media platforms, but I left all of them. Well, I still have accounts on the major platforms, but I don’t check them - and definitely don’t interact on them. Except Twitter, I deleted that.

These days, my online activities are mostly within Discord, but Mastodon is starting to grow on me.

If you read this far, you might be interested in what I’m doing now.