Digestible resources to stay up to date with web development

Part of any job is to stay up to date with the progress of its ecosystem. Web development is far from being an exception. Within a few years, it seems, the whole ecosystem can change - and occasionally it does. "CodeKit is awesome. Whoa grunt! nah it's gulp. Oh we all use webpack now". And for every niche there are plenty of resources to consume too.

I try to keep my resources broad with only a few exceptions. This is the boiled down list of resources I have in my feedreader, which is feedbin. Feedbin can also handle email-newsletters and has a nice interface. So nice, I don't need another app. Not sponsored. Genuine appreciation.

Smashing Magazine

Web Development, Design, UX, Business and beyond. Also make great books.

A List Apart

Web Development, Design, UX, Business and beyond. Also make great books.

Web Development Reading List

A carefully curated weekly link list resources for web developers.

CSS Tricks

CSS centric blog. Its name is highly accurate.


Great tutorials and inspiration resource for state-of-the art web-things. From fancy hover effects to slideshows.


  • A Book Apart Great books on very specific topics. Also usually very concise, around 100 pages on average. If you want to know eg. about Offline-First, see if they have one on your topic (they do) Read that first, then google for more.
  • Vue.js News: Vue is the JS-Framework of my choice. So naturally I want to stay up to date there as well.
  • Codepen Challenges: To keep your WebDev-Skills sharp. Small challenges with a great learning factor.
  • CodePen Sparks: Awesome showcases that show what's possible with current web technologies. Great when looking for inspiration.

Apart from things on Twitter, that's really all I read. Not each post in its entirety. But at least all the headlines. And when something grabs my attention, I either read it immediately or, when it needs more than eg. 30 minutes of time, I put it into Things, my todo app and read those things at specific times. Usually on mondays, fridays or whenever I feel like it.

"But what about Podcasts?" I hear you ask. That's something for another post. Spoiler: there's only one web-related podcast I regularly listen to.

Rubik's Cube

Currently available for exciting projects.