Finally! New MacBook Pros.

I am currently working with a MacBook Pro from mid 2012. And its age is starting to show. Since the MacBooks with the TouchBar were introduced, I intended to upgrade. But overall reviews from my peers and sites were so bad, that I thought I should wait a little longer.

So I had my hopes way up high at the last WWDC conference, when all Apple Products were marked "Don't Buy" on the infamous MacRumors Buyersguide. But nothing. Until Apple silently updated the MacBook Pro lineup.

Instant purchase. Maxed out with 512GB SSD. And because I had money set aside for quite a while, it didn't even hurt that much. Thank you YNAB. ❤️ I think 512GB will suffice in my case, because I'm used to having only 256GB and carry around an external 1TB SSD all the time anyways.

So in about 2 weeks I finally have a new MacBook Pro and I'm looking forward to installing as little software as possible again. A fresh start. Spending time over the next two weeks thinking about which software I won't need to install again.

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