First Post; Getting To Done.

So. I am creating making developing engineering in the Website Business for quite a while now. More than a decade. Dang, time flies. Naturally, when I thought of my own website, it had to be the best. With complex animations, 3D transitions, service workers, offline cache, responsive, HTML, CSS, Fireworks, witty easter-eggs and everything that a website should have. I’m talking generative art! Web sockets! Cookie Banners!

I have this great idea. I’m not going to tell you of course. But I totally started working on it. And it’s close to finish. On paper at least. Well, in my mind mostly. But I will build it next month. I haven’t been booked yet so I’ll have plenty of time. RingRing. Hang on a second, I need to take that.

Hi! Yes. No. Haha. Of Course. See you. xoxo.

Well… I’ve just been booked for next month. But this Idea of mine will still be great after that, right? There’s absolutely no way that I’ll look on this in a few weeks an have a better idea let alone don’t like this one, right? There’s no way I will just use a simple, premade Kirby Theme, so that I can finally start to write about things, which is what I want to do the most. That’d be ridiculous. I’m a professional website cooker.

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