Rubik's Cube

Usually when I wait for something like npm install, npm run build or similar tasks, I would open up Slack or Twitter or Reddit get distracted for much longer than those processes take and lose momentum. This is a habit that annoyed me a lot so I thought about something that I could do in those times.

I tried sketching into my notebook and it kinda worked, but had the same issue of me getting lost into that activity.
Grabbing a new coffee every time probably isn’t healthy.

A few years ago I was a bit into speedcubing; solving the rubik's cube as fast as possible. I could solve it regularly within about a minute. Then I forgot about it until recently. A few days ago I saw my Rubik's cube on the shelve, I thought that this might be a perfect thing to do in those situations.

It takes a couple of more minutes while (re-)learning the algorithms but today I solved it for the first time again within under a minute again; It’s perfect, because it’s fun and has a definitive end and I don’t loose too much focus.

Problem solved.

If you're interested in solving the Rubik's Cube. There is plenty of sources online. is one of them

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