Twitter’s days are numbered. At least, I wish that were the case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favourite platform but the staff is making weird choices all over the place. From cutting off third party apps, neglecting their own native apps, to ethically questionable actions.

Ever since Twitter becase a thing many many years ago, alternatives popped up every now and then claiming to be “the next twitter” or “the twitter killer”. A year ago Mastodon had a quick huge hype burst. I don’t remember why exactly, probably because the folks at twitter did some shitty thing, again. It’s a distributed social network, that kinda looks like Tweetdeck - but better.

Being decentralised you can join either one of the thousands servers available, or even host your own - while still being able to follow people from other servers or instances, as they’re called in Mastodon lingo. Underneath it lies a standardised protocol called Activity Pub developed by the W3C.

A year later I still occasionally encounter it. More often than any other twitter alternative so far over the years. And it seems to constantly grow. Not at a disruptive rate, but constantly. And there are already other clients in development using the Activity Pub protocol to mimic other Platforms like Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and others.

All of this gives me hope, that it might actually stick. So, follow me here:

Finally! New MacBook Pros.

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