I take privacy and transparency about data handling very seriously. So next up will be a short and comprehensible list of things that happen with your data here.

  • This site does not collect data about you.
  • This site does not use cookies.
  • This site uses plausible for analytics. Plausible is a lightweight and open-source website analytics tool. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Made and hosted in the EU.
  • This site is hosted on Vercel.
  • I probably keep your contact data around. Mails, phone-number and all these things that make working together possible. Especially while we work together. Probably even after a project is finished. So we can keep in touch afterwards.
  • If you want your data to be deleted, I will do so. Apart from those that I am legally inclined to keep.