I take privacy seriously. And transparency too. If this sounds like a paradox to you: it's not. Next up will be a short and comprehensible list of things that happen with your data here. It's made for humans who did not graduate at Havard law school or wherever else lawyers are born. Those are probably more interested in the full length privacy policy. Please be nice to the environment and don't print that.

  1. I don't collect any data about you. Unless stated otherwise. Like when you submit a contact form. In that case I store everything you provided in that contact form. That's basically common sense, right?
  2. Believe or not: this site does not use cookies. Although I've might have eaten some while making it. But that does not count, does it?
  3. My webhoster, uberspace, probably stores some data. However they're usually even more into the whole privacy/transparency thing than I am. And they claim to be storing only the minimal amount of data necessary. I tend to believe what they say. Read their privacy policy if you want to know more.
  4. I probably keep your contact data around. Mails, phone-number and all these things that make working together possible. Especially while we work together. And probably even after a project is finished. So we can keep in touch afterwards <3
  5. If you want your data to be deleted, I will do so. Apart from those that I'm legally inclined to keep.
  6. This is a one-man-show. So I do not have a data protection commissioner. I'm not even sure if that's the right word. So If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up.

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