Hi, I'm Nils Riedemann, a freelance web developer with a focus on building apps and interfaces with JavaScripts with more than 18 years of experience in web development.

Currently I'm focusing on building web applications with React.

Let's work together!

Languages, Frameworks and tools

These are the languages, frameworks and tools I have used over the last few years in no particular order.

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
  • React, Styled-Components, Next, Tailwind, Node, Three.JS
  • Webpack, Parcel
  • Yarn, Npm
  • Three.JS, Ramda, RxJS, D3
  • VS Code, Ableton, Blender, Figma
  • Git

Brands and Clients

Here is a list of clients and brands that I have worked over the last couple of years. Unfortunately I cannot disclose most of my work in detail.

Closelink, Edeka AG, Zava, Eppendorf AG, Hermes, Brigitte, Gala, Gruner+Jahr, superReal, Weber, Mercedes AG, Makery, CrowsCrowsCrows, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Herrlich Media.


I will be available for contract work in September 2021.


The best way to reach out to me is via E-Mail.