I'm an interdisciplinary freelance web developer from Hamburg with more than 13 years of experience in building websites and web-apps currently available for exciting projects!

A selection of brands and clients I've worked with

Zava, Eppendorf AG, Hermes, Brigitte, Gala, Gruner+Jahr, superReal, Weber, Mercedes AG, Makery, CrowsCrowsCrows, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Fietsenbörse, Herrlich Media.

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A bunch of buzzwords to impress you

JavaScript, Vue.js, Kirby, HTML, CSS, SCSS, PHP, Pixi.js, Framer, Sketch, Responsive Web-Design, Pixelart, Asesprite, jQuery, Node.JS, Three.JS, A-Frame, Processing, Unity3D, C#, Fractal, Git, Pen, Paper.

This list ist just meant to give you an impression of whether our toolset matches. Let's talk and find out how I can help you. Even if there's something that I can't do, I'm glad to point you to someone in my network.


I believe that ideas usually do not just pop out of nowhere. They are much rather the product of problem solving. Starting by defining the core of a problem and trying to find a solution to that, instead of just waiting for a brainweave.


When the core problem is defined, and an idea to solve the problem has been found, it’s time to design the solution. However Design is not just what it looks and feels like. It’s about how it works and aesthetics is merely a very neat by-product.


Even the greatest ideas and designs are worthless if no one builds them. And this is often the hardest part. From rapid prototypes to finished products, writing code is the core of my day to day work.


Twitter’s days are numbered. At least, I wish that were the case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favourite platform but the staff is making weird choices all over the place. From cutting off third party apps, neglecting their own native apps, to ethically questionable actions. Ever since ...

Finally! New MacBook Pros.

I am currently working with a MacBook Pro from mid 2012. And its age is starting to show. Since the MacBooks with the TouchBar were introduced, I intended to upgrade. But overall reviews from my peers and sites were so bad, that I thought I should wait a little longer. So ...

Finished My Good Reads Challenge 2018

I completed my GoodReads 2018 reading challenge. Which means I finished 12 books in 2018! Yay me! That's probably the most books in about 6 months that I've read in my entire life. The Books These are the books that I finished during that challenge. I probably won't do such a write-up again, rather ...

Digestible resources to stay up to date with web development

Part of any job is to stay up to date with the progress of its ecosystem. Web development is far from being an exception. Within a few years, it seems, the whole ecosystem can change - and occasionally it does. "CodeKit is awesome. Whoa grunt! nah it's gulp. Oh ...

Rubik's Cube

Usually when I wait for something like npm install, npm run build or similar tasks, I would open up Slack or Twitter or Reddit get distracted for much longer than those processes take and lose momentum. This is a habit that annoyed me a lot so I thought about something ...

Notion, a new hope?

There is a vast amount of task-managements apps out there. So huge that it's only rivalled by note-taking apps. Or the other way around. Or they're equally large. Nobody knows for sure, because their number remains a mystery. Among them is Notion. Notion is a Web-App that claims to be ...

First Post; Getting To Done.

So. I am creating making developing engineering in the Website Business for quite a while now. More than a decade. Dang, time flies. Naturally, when I thought of my own website, it had to be the best. With complex animations, 3D transitions, service workers, offline cache, responsive, HTML, CSS, Fireworks, ...

Currently available for exciting projects.