I'm a freelance senior web developer with more than 18 years of experience in web development and currently focusing on building apps and interfaces with JavaScript.

I love working in the lower levels of an application's stack to improve the overall efficiency and confidence to ship new features of the entire team as much as building on new features or apps from scratch.

  • I love working with React and Next.JS
  • I love working closely with the designer and lay the foundational framework for the app (aka Design Systems)
  • I love improving existing code bases by increasing performance or migrate legacy parts.
  • I love coaching and teaching

Keeping myself up to date and keep learning is of major importance to me as much as coaching the less experienced individuals of a team so they get a better understanding of the code they work with when needed.

Let's work together!

Brands and Clients

Here is a list of clients and brands that I have worked over the last couple of years. Unfortunately I can't disclose most of my work in detail publicly.

Edeka AG, Closelink, Gruner+Jahr, Gala, Hermes, Brigitte, Weber, 27km Zava, Eppendorf AG, superReal, Mercedes AG, Makery, CrowsCrowsCrows, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Herrlich Media.

Languages, Frameworks and tools

These are the languages, tools, libraries and frameworks I've used primarily in the last few years and am more than comfortable to work with.

Other tools, languages and libraries I have experience with

These I use occasionally or have used extensively in the past.

Things I've dabbled in or am currently learning, but haven't gone beyond the fundamentals. Certainly would enjoy diving into these deeper.

Availability and Contact

I will be available for contract work from January 2022. The best way to reach out to me is via E-Mail.