Moving to Kirby

#meta # cms # kirby

I really didn't plan to fulfill that cliché where someone sets up a blog, gets a few posts out, then stops releasing posts, and then migrates to another blog system that hopefully will change it all™.

But here we are.

While I was looking for material for the artifacts section of this site, I got a little bit sidetracked. Like, really sidetracked.

But at least my NAS is now really well organized, and my backup strategy is more streamlined. I collected all photo libraries, music projects, renderings, documents, e-books and so on and moved them into a single place. Along the way, I also finally set up tailscale on my devices.

Eventually, I also realized how annoying it is to manage those kinds of collections on this site without a graphical UI. Even just adding an image was comparatively cumbersome.

I had used Kirby a lot in the past but haven't in the last few years, and Kirby 4 is new to me, and it's really good. We use it for prototyping to gather requirements for a client with fairly complex needs, and Kirby is so adaptable that we haven't hit a single wall yet, and people are getting excited about it.

Long story short: I moved everything to Kirby.

And I like it a lot.

And of course, I haven't updated the artifacts yet.